3 Easy Ways To Break-Up With Excuses

How To Ditch ExcusesOur lives are busy. Between work, family, friends and housework (yawn) we often opt to accept our excuses as a valid reason for avoiding particular tasks; washing dishes, working out, cooking healthy food, vacuuming the car and so forth.

My favourite excuse is “I can’t be bothered” which at times can genuinely reflect exhaustion, but for the most part is my lazy girl attitude. So starting as of now I am asking you all to challenge your excuses, delve deeper into the underlying reasons for procrastination and overcome your fears. 

Most of the time, excuses pop up when we believe a task before us requires too much time, energy or money. By acting on the following three ways to banish excuses you can go forward and change your behaviour to be the best you that there is:

Confront your Fears

What exactly is holding you back from giving it all you’ve got? Do weights intimidate you? Is cardio frightful for your asthma? or do you just have no idea where to start?

Realising the origin of your fears is step one in overcoming those pesky excuses on one of “those days”. Tapping into your fears opens up the ability to learn from them and turn them into your strengths. If weights scare you, organise a PT session at your gym to help you understand the machinery and basic weighted moves; if cardio is frightful for your asthma then focus your workout on muscle building, which burns more calories than cardio; and if you don’t know where to start, look at the basics, we all know squats, push ups and planks are some of the most common forms of exercise so begin there and see where your workout takes you!

Set a Minimum

This is by far my favourite and most used technique. What is the smallest amount of work you are content with doing at the gym? Is it 10 minutes on the cross trainer? Two kilometres on the treadmill or simply performing just your squats and lunges?

Whatever your minimum workout, it has to be something that you are willing to do on those days when your excuses are hitting you hard and you want to give in to them. My minimum workout is 10 minutes of treadmill work, be it interval sprints, walking lunges or straight out jogging. I chose this because once I get my heart pumping I often find my excuses fade away as I feel my body move and endorphins flow.

Understand the Opportunity Cost

Opportunity Cost; a benefit or value of something that must be given up in order to achieve something else. A simple yet effective economic model that helps not only Investors but the every day procrastinator.

What exactly are you losing by not pursuing your fitness goals? A hell of a lot actually. By giving in to your excuses you are missing a surge of endorphins, increased blood flow, aerobic capacity, metabolic rate, serotonin production and did I mention absolutely fabulous glutes aka le booty?

So what excuses are you going to ditch this week? 


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