Welcome to the Nourished Blonde! Thank you for taking the time to visit and discover exactly what a day in the life of this little Blondie looks like.

Between living with fructose malabsorption and a multitude of other digestive issues with no definite solution, this little Blondie has been on a mission to find peace with her gastro-intestinal (GI) tract.

Little do many know, but our stomachs act as a second brain. They feel when we’re anxious, happy or physically unwell. And, in an attempt to live an abundant, symptom free life I began nurturing my mind, moving my body and actively practising gratitude in attempts to feed my stomach those happy hormones.

And yes, there are bad stomach moments, the bloat is horrid, the gas is putrid and no amount of ginger and lemon tea can fix you. But, we live, we learn and we move forward in our new knowledge (do not eat dried fruit muesli again).

Filling my life with joy, I spend my spare time with five sensational girlfriends, one gorgeous little bubba and my handsome man I like to call “Babe” and most definitely not “Bae”.

Fitness, Yoga, Food and Art; the daily essentials for this Nourished Blonde. But let’s not forget the housework…hip hip hoorah?! Yeah I didn’t think so either.

About The Nourished Blonde

And remember “when nothing goes right, go left.”

Ciao bellas,


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