Mind Benders; Rehab for the Irrationally Corrupted Labellers

Bad Days Do Not ExistSo today I slipped, not physically (as funny as that would be) but mentally. Feelings of pressure and overwhelming responsibility as well as frustration flooded me at one particular moment today as the tears rolled down my face.

Now ordinarily I would have classed this as a ‘bad day’. But the practise of more mindful and thankful living especially during those “I really could just crawl back into bed” moments has shifted my thought processing from irrational to rational. I mean I really could have been having a bad day if I wanted to, but I just didn’t feel it was necessary to label the rest of the day based upon a moment of weakness, one mistake or many. 

I was having a ‘bad moment’ not a bad day. 

Labelling: a word or phrase indicating that what follows belongs in a particular category or classification

The closest personal labelling offence I can offer is the “I’m stupid” debacle. A stupid act, is just that; a momentary illogical action leading to an undesired outcome. A mistake does not warrant a person to etch “I’m so stupid” into what defines them. That person is a wonderful, intelligent and caring being who has done a stupid thing. 

The way I see it, the more you think you are having a bad day, the more it will turn sour. Energy goes where energy flows. 

Let me know how you turned your thoughts around! 

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