One Little Birdie said to the other “R U OK…?”

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One Little Birdie said to the other “Little Birdie R U OK…?”
“I noticed you looking a little down on this fine day”

To which the other Little Birdie replied, 

“I am feeling quite blue and not sure what to do,”
“This dark storm is not passing, but,” 
Thank you for Asking

This year I had the joy of working with R U OK? in preparation and delivery of the R U OK? national Thanks for Asking campaign launch at Forrest Place, Perth, on Tuesday the 11th of August.

R U OK? is a suicide prevention charity with a purpose of raising awareness of depression and encouraging us all to ask the question “are you okay?” Because one small conversation could change a life. 

The campaign Thanks for Asking is about showing Australia the power of a conversation. It is for those who have benefited from someone asking them that tricky question “are you okay?”, providing support or for just giving a much needed hug during times of hardship to reach out and say “thanks”. 

Now there was only one way to describe this event:

Yellow ; adjective
“a primary subtractive colour complementary to blue; coloured like ripe lemons or egg yolks.”

And just in passing mention lemons and egg yolks are two of my two of my favourite nourishing morning ritual foods! But let’s bring this back to my original point. Yellow, a colour of the mind, intellect, optimism and positivity, signifies to me a fresh start like the rising of the golden sun across the city, or the mountains. 


The event was bright sporting the big yellow R U OK? bus, beautifully coloured origami paper where a note of “thanks” could be written and turned into a delicate flower and who could forget the box full of hilarious yellow props to get you ready to strike a pose in the enormous R U OK? photo frame. 


Jamie looking fabulous with his lustrous locks, the gorgeous Rebecca and myself supporting R U OK?

The day was particularly special as the R U OK? volunteers bonded by working together to champion such a wonderful cause. There were many, many conversation had that day and a multitude of people touched by the sentiment of hope this event delivered. 

The Forrest Place launch was only the beginning of the Thanks for Asking tour. The R U OK? crew will be travelling across Australia in the big yellow bus spreading the “thanks for asking” message. In Western Australia the crew will stop at Rockingham, Mandurah, Bunbury, Albany, Esperance and Kalgoorlie. The bus will then visit regional and metropolitan areas in South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and Australian Capital Territory before the final stop in Parramatta, Sydney on R U OK? Day (Thursday, 10 September) to coincide with World Suicide Prevention day.

A big cheers to you R U OK? for being the rising sun for many people struggling out there. Now Australia it is time to carry the message forward so I ask you all “are you okay?

Please visit and show your thanks today. 


2 thoughts on “One Little Birdie said to the other “R U OK…?”

    • kiaranatashaa says:

      Hi Boy Under the Bridge! Cheers for reading all about the R U OK? national campaign launch!

      Perth is wonderful, I believe we have some of the most amazing beaches and scenery – you should definitely check it out 🙂

      Yes! I am very excited for the big R U OK? Day! We need to support those in need and I don’t think there is a more fun way to do so than participate in the event! Are you going down on Thursday?

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