Today I am grateful…

We made it! Happy hump day! 

With Wednesday in mind, it is important to check that we are still being #wellness warriors. Our days are getting busier and our energy is slumping but during this time of the week we need keep nourishing our bodies. Keep fluids up, drink hot lemon water in the mornings to aid in detoxification and digestion, perhaps whip up some vitality balls to put a spring back in your step and most importantly cut the processed foods; preservatives and sugars only feel good for so long until you come crashing down for your next fix. 

Wellness stems not only from physical, but a positive mental state, so Today I am grateful for…

  • The Sun. Now I understand I have already praised our beautiful sunrise, it’s hard not to appreciate each and every morning and evening the spectacular display that our sun gives us. But, this morning’s sunrise produced a smile from ear to ear on my face. 
  • Longer Days. It is such a good feeling to arrive at work at 7.15am and be able to see my surroundings. The refreshing feeling of getting home during sunlight hours is also such a bonus and a reminder that summer is well and truly on its way?
  • Roads. I know, this is a strange one. Today I took a different route to the train station and realised that in our busy lives we often forget to be thankful for the things that make it all happen. I am so thankful for our roads that allow me to travel across our great state with ease (let’s forget about traffic today).

It’s your turn! What are you grateful for on this fine Wednesday?


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