Today I am grateful…


So it’s Thursday and I’m sitting here thinkin’ “Friday where are you my love?”

Well Friday hasn’t come around just yet, so why not cherish this Thursday and all its greatness before we wish those 24 hours away?

Here are three things that I am grateful for today…

  • The Bug on the Rug. As strange as it may be, I have this bug that comes and goes throughout the day. He is small but persistent and absolutely adores my bath mat, he mostly likes being underneath it but can often be found just chilling out on top of it. Each morning now I make a routine to check of his whereabouts as to not crush him on his morning stroll; he clearly takes great pride in his health. But each day his unique rug loving personality makes me smile and I am grateful we can share the space together.
  • Toilet Paper. I honestly do not believe that the human population shows enough gratitude for this bathroom staple. Imagine a world without toilet paper. You would literally and I mean literally be up shit creek without a paddle. Just think about that next time your feeling like the world is against you, at least toilet paper has your back…side.
  • Anticipation. From someone who suffers anxiety this isn’t usually something I celebrate. BUT. Today is about the positive because tomorrow I get to finish work early, I also get to drive to work instead of the catching the train and I get to pick up my man after his five weeks away at work enjoying the motion of the ocean #fifolyfe #ha?

What are three things you are grateful for on this sunny day?


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