Today I am grateful…

IMG_0955Exhausted. This fine Thursday I am simply exhausted. After some sort of mental crash on Monday, a rushed and jam packed Tuesday, a 4.30am start with a 7.30pm finish on my Wednesday and now another early commute today I am shattered.

Now, usually I let my exhaustion get the better of me; I become down and out, struggling to find reasons to smile.

It is these “struggle town” days that push me to continually express gratitude. The days we struggle the most to smile are the days that we truly need it and guess what? It takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown so save what energy you have left by using 26 less muscles a day?

On that note, today I have expressed gratitude for…

  • Garlic Free Mayonnaise. If you suffer from FODMAPS you will understand my excitement when I finally found a condiment with no offending ingredients. Cheers Heinz!
  • Nurses. To the most wonderful, caring and high spirited nurses at South Perth Hospital thank you! I am so grateful for the wonderful care you provided for my man after his operation. Your kindness and selflessness has not gone unnoticed!
  • “That Guy”. And no this is not eluding to an affair, I am very much in love with my handsome man of 6 years? Let me put it in context: “Oh my goodness I went to Coles today and that guy was there, you know the really old-school gentleman working the self-service check-out?” “Yes I love getting served by that guy he always makes me laugh!” Yeah so “that guy” is what I’m thankful for today! Give me a bell if you know the one at Perth Coles?.

What are you grateful for on this rainy spring day?


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