Food, glorious food. There really is nothing quite like it. It nourishes, energises and builds the body, fuels the brain and most of all makes us happy.

In saying that, all food is not created equal. There are the high caloric, saturated fat and sugar laden treats and then there is whole foods, nutritious and colourful by nature, in their basic form containing only what your body needs to fuel it.

Here at the Nourished Blonde, the food created is healthy, and as close to it’s natural state as possible, all the while avoiding the standard FODMAP offenders.

On the menu we have:

Pantry Staples

Take a walk through the pantry of this Nourished Blonde. This area of the blog will give some insight into the foods and products I keep handy to ensure healthy eating is just a fridge door away!




Enjoy and make sure you leave some feedback on how you liked the recipe or even ways to spice things up some more!

Eat well!